S2.13 What If There Was Silence


What if on the last car ride before the end, the last moments at the bedside, the last roll down the hallway there was only silence. What if there was no scramble to get things in order, no panicked attempt to remember everything that must be done. What if there was no hurried goodbyes compressing everything that should have been said over decades into a handful of minutes. What if there were no desperate attempts at reconciliation, no last minute need for apology or the appreciation that should have been voiced long before. What if there was silence. 

Silence because everything that should be said, that wanted to be said, that needed to be said had already been said. Silence because every expression of gratitude had been made, every appreciation made known. Silence because every implicit  affection had been made explicitly known. Silence because every grudge had been released, any anger extinguished. Silence because every question had been asked, every concern given voice. Silence because every future plan had been made every detail worked out. Silence because every “one more thing” had been taken care of. 

What if instead of the frantic phone calls, the hustle to get things ready, to cram everything into the final few minutes, there was peace. Instead of doing there was only being. Instead of words there was only presence. What if there was silence, and the silence was enough. What if there was silence, and the silence was perfect. What if there was silence.

Published by JR Stanley

I am an MD, PhD student, training to be a physician scientist, with a deep interest in science, faith, and living life as an adventure. Join me as I entertain ideas from new findings in science, evolving interpretations of faith, and experience life one day and one adventure at a time.

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