In marketing and advertising, one of the key, eye catching words is NEW. Everyone likes new things. When was the last time you saw something advertised as “old”? If something old is being advertised it usually gets labelled as “retro” or “throwback”. As a culture we are obsessed with new. Which is great. Forward progressContinue reading “New”

A Founding Father and the Fourth

Ron Chernow’s book Washington: A Life chronicles the life of George Washington from his childhood years through 8+ years of leading the Continental Army to the postwar years and his presidency. As many have noted, perhaps the greatest thing that George Washington did for the nation, something that few other great men in history haveContinue reading “A Founding Father and the Fourth”

Information, obtained through freedom of the press, is our first and best defense against a tyrannical government. While the second amendment (right to bear arms) is certainly a part of the Bill of Rights, the ability of the people to utilize this method to defend themselves against a tyrannical government should not be glamorized. FarContinue reading

Good and Evil: The Changes Inside

In the George McDonald book The Princess and Curdie one of the main character Curdie, is able to see through the facade of the outer man and tell what kind of animal lies within them simply by shaking their hand and feeling the paw or claw. In the C.S. Lewis book Prince Caspian Lucy exclaimsContinue reading “Good and Evil: The Changes Inside”

Categorizing Millennials

One of the popular ideas today can be summarized as “Millennials are ruining everything”. The recent closing of J.Crew, the struggles of restaurant chains, and many other market trends have been blamed on millennials. Those who are upset over this trend demonstrate a misunderstanding of the indifference of the market. However the more significant problemContinue reading “Categorizing Millennials”