Clarity and Energy

During an interview Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, was asked what trait he looked for in new hires. Contemplating the question, he responded,  “Do they create clarity? Do they create energy”   Energy and clarity, two characteristics that are invaluable not only within the workplace but in all areas of life.  Not only is the presenceContinue reading “Clarity and Energy”

Breadth and depth

Jack of all trades, master of none is the unfortunate default state. The beauty of specialization is that one can get better products and services for less time invested. Complete ignorance is discouraged as a cursory knowledge of what exists is required for productivity and establishing oneself within a relevant context. Furthermore, knowing the placeContinue reading “Breadth and depth”

S2.14 Choosing to stay

A common refrain heard in medicine is “I should have done ________” or “I should quit practicing medicine and do _________.” The sentiment is well taken. The hours are long, the years of training are substantial, and often the job description and responsibilities have grown while the benefits and perks have decreased or stayed theContinue reading “S2.14 Choosing to stay”

S2.12 Be Like The Firefighter

The critical, title job of a firefighter is to fight fires. Thanks to many improvements in building codes, preventative measures, technology, and awareness, the number of fires has dramatically decreased. Thus the role of the firefighter in the community has expanded to become that of a first-responder to a variety of situations including motor vehicleContinue reading “S2.12 Be Like The Firefighter”