Resilience  Success is not about short bursts of hard work. Success is achieved through a willingness to grind each and every day. Greatness is not punctuated moments of brilliance; greatness is doing your best with determination and consistency. Be resilient.  Success is not about the hits you take. Success is about how your respond to those hits,Continue reading “Resilience”

Beliefs and blinking

As human beings we are constantly searching for answers. This curiosity, this drive for truth, can be a double edged sword. Curiosity compels us to lifelong learning, contemplation, and experimentation. It drives us to discover new findings, invent new technology, and create beautiful art. However the drive to know can also attract us to peopleContinue reading “Beliefs and blinking”

Reading Books and Living Life

In the immortal words of Jay-Z: “They read a bunch of words, I’ve lived a bunch of life” Several times in the past year I have come across scenarios, whether in writing or in conversation, where I have been asked to comment on what should be seen as a false dichotomy between book knowledge andContinue reading “Reading Books and Living Life”

Empathy Over Entertainment, Compassion Over Consumption, and Love Over Luxury

As we reflect on the rise and fall of great empires of the past, numerous markers of a declining society have been proposed. While some of these markers are almost certainly innocuous, others may be the harbinger of a failing civilization. Although we may be caught up in chronologic snobbery, the erroneous perception that we atContinue reading “Empathy Over Entertainment, Compassion Over Consumption, and Love Over Luxury”

Special (pt1: a small part of nature)

From a scientific point of view, the ’specialness’ of the human species means very little. We are one of but a vast array of species who have only arisen in the last blink of earth’s existence.  As we gaze at the galaxies surrounding us and focus on the proteins and cells within us, we realizeContinue reading “Special (pt1: a small part of nature)”