Course Correction

One of the most dangerous decisions in life is unmonitored change. In medicine, making a change, whether it be a procedure, a medication, a lifestyle modification, or another form of therapy, requires follow-up. In many cases, this follow-up is equally, if not more important than the actual change. Follow-up may take a variety of forms.Continue reading “Course Correction”

Good People, Interesting Problems

Good people, interesting problems  Most people do not have a singular driving passion, something that keeps them awake at night, something that wakes them up in the morning. They have many interests and enjoy doing multiple things. Their passion is not like an itch that relentless perturbs their consciousness reminding them that it is there.Continue reading “Good People, Interesting Problems”

A Greater Game Is Afoot

A greater game is afoot. Is there something beneath the surface that goes unseen yet underlies, even drives, everything that is seen above the surface? Does face value represent true value or is it a facade disguising something greater beneath? Does the image that our eyes perceive represent truth or is it merely an imageContinue reading “A Greater Game Is Afoot”