On Balance and Efficiency

My research focuses on the immune system and specifically how inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or sepsis can be targeted with specific therapeutics. In contrast to cancer, where the goal is complete eradication of the cancer cells by whatever means necessary, or infectious diseases where complete stasis or death of the offendingContinue reading “On Balance and Efficiency”

A Beginning, A Middle, An End

A beginning, a middle, an end. These are essential components of nearly all of our experiences. The beginning exciting and invigorating. The middle often repetitive, even monotonous. The end bittersweet and nostalgic. This cycle, these three elements are what imbue every undertaking with meaning and purpose. Whether in education or business, recreation or occupation, atContinue reading “A Beginning, A Middle, An End”

Learning, Doing, Teaching

Academia, as well as life in general, is a strange mix of learning, doing, and teaching. The true innovators are those that are able to balance all three. Learning must come first. Hone your craft, incorporate new techniques and new knowledge. Then do. Create and cultivate. Finally pass on your knowledge and skills to thoseContinue reading “Learning, Doing, Teaching”