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Success is not about short bursts of hard work. Success is achieved through a willingness to grind each and every day. Greatness is not punctuated moments of brilliance; greatness is doing your best with determination and consistency.

Be resilient. 

Success is not about the hits you take. Success is about how your respond to those hits, how you bounce back from those hits, how you use those hits to make you better. Resilience is the ability to take a hit and get back up. Not just once. Not twice. But every single day. Spend your time and effort to make changes, not excuses. Take risks, knowing failure is part of the process. But when failure hits. Always. Get. Back. Up. 

Live resiliently. 

Published by JR Stanley

I am an MD, PhD student, training to be a physician scientist, with a deep interest in science, faith, and living life as an adventure. Join me as I entertain ideas from new findings in science, evolving interpretations of faith, and experience life one day and one adventure at a time.

2 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Short. Simple and concise. Well written! Thank you for your insight. “Grind each day” I just love that. I am working on grinding each day even when I feel tired and “cannot be arsed” as us Glaswegains would say, I still do what I want to do in order to reach success. High five to that! 🙂


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