To live forever

2015-05-05 00.14.29

If you were given the option would you choose to live forever?
In the life that you now know?

Or would you choose mortality?
Believing that a story with no end is no story at all.

I think that if offered immortality on this earth many people would take it.
But they would take it out of fear instead of with joy.

It would be the fear of death, of the possibilities of what comes next that would drive them to say yes.
Instead of enthusiasm and vigor it is with hands shaking with fear that one grasps that life.

So my hope is that if I were ever given the choice, I would shake my head. To choose not fear but meaning, and live the years left with gratitude.


Published by JR Stanley

I am an MD, PhD student, training to be a physician scientist, with a deep interest in science, faith, and living life as an adventure. Join me as I entertain ideas from new findings in science, evolving interpretations of faith, and experience life one day and one adventure at a time.

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