Healthcare reform: an issue of heart

The political climate surrounding the issue of healthcare reform which has been charged for some time, seems to be reaching a climax in the United States. Reading and hearing the opinions voiced (sometimes shouted) by others one thing becomes apparent. (1) We all agree that the system is less than ideal. However, I have also foundContinue reading “Healthcare reform: an issue of heart”

Changing environment, changing ourselves

Considering our place in evolutionary history, one of the most interesting, yet confusing ideas is the fact that we are the result of billions of years of evolution yet are also the substrate upon which natural selection is currently working. This is interesting in the fact that one can think about our bodies and mindsContinue reading “Changing environment, changing ourselves”

Because it works

Because it works. Although there are some medications with functions nearly definite and specifically designed (such as imatanib), many of the medications used in the clinics and hospitals of the world are used because they are effective in treating disease and have tolerable side effects not because we fully understand how they work. Aspirin wasContinue reading “Because it works”

Real vs. Imagined: Competition

Competition is a great motivator of productivity and new discoveries. However, differentiation of competitors from comrades can often be more difficult than it appears at first blush. One important aspect to elucidate to determine whether or not the goal you are pursuing is part of a zero sum game or if room for growth allContinue reading “Real vs. Imagined: Competition”

Finite or infinite? the present choice

One of the desires of the human heart is for the promise of eternity. We hate watching one chapter of life end so much so that often we are dreading the end even while still in the beginning. Our hope is to achieve some form of eternal security, something that cannot be taken away fromContinue reading “Finite or infinite? the present choice”