Memento vivre

With the de facto focus on the things of life and the pursuits therein, whether trivial or meaningful, remembering death has been an important facet to life for centuries. The concept of memento mori, the reminder of death, has evolved over the years from actual skulls to pictures, to other tokens and reminders that deathContinue reading “Memento vivre”

Complications: The Point of Resistance

Training, and the repetitions that are inherent in training, are essential not simply for establishing the ability to perform a particular action or procedure but even more, in learning how to troubleshoot the complications and inherent variations within a procedure.  The first step in overcoming a complication is recognizing that a complication has occurred. TheContinue reading “Complications: The Point of Resistance”

What Do You Bring?

There are no passive bystanders, no actual flies on the wall. Every single person within a group changes the dynamics and direction of the group regardless of the size. Each individual changes the energy and changes the conversation. There is no option of simply being fluff, the innocent bystander, a passive observer. Whether as aContinue reading “What Do You Bring?”

To Think or Write

Neil Gaiman, the author of many notable books including American Gods, Sandman, Stardust, and Neverwhere was interviewed on the Tim Ferris show about many aspects of his personal as well as professional career. Writing is one of the interesting careers where one must balance a degree of creativity and inspiration with the raw grit andContinue reading “To Think or Write”

Good System: A reflection

During the medical school admissions process, the last step before signing on the dotted line and committing to a specific school for medical training is an event called Second Look. This is an opportunity for prospective medical students to revisit the campus, meet with faculty and current students, ask any questions, and look at theContinue reading “Good System: A reflection”