S2.14 Choosing to stay

A common refrain heard in medicine is “I should have done ________” or “I should quit practicing medicine and do _________.” The sentiment is well taken. The hours are long, the years of training are substantial, and often the job description and responsibilities have grown while the benefits and perks have decreased or stayed theContinue reading “S2.14 Choosing to stay”

S2.12 Be Like The Firefighter

The critical, title job of a firefighter is to fight fires. Thanks to many improvements in building codes, preventative measures, technology, and awareness, the number of fires has dramatically decreased. Thus the role of the firefighter in the community has expanded to become that of a first-responder to a variety of situations including motor vehicleContinue reading “S2.12 Be Like The Firefighter”

The Corona Diaries Episode IV: Expert

Everything has an expert. There are experts in sports, in arts, in sciences, in law, in medicine, in culture, in language, in engineering, in entertainment, in business, and in countless other venues. It is incredible what you can now get a masters degree or doctorate in. Whenever there is uncertainty or a question people runContinue reading “The Corona Diaries Episode IV: Expert”

The Corona Diaries Episode III: False Assurances

Everyone wants the guarantee, the knowledge that it will be alright in the end. During uncertain times, when health or livelihoods are at stake, we want to have the promise that we will make it out the other side. When this cannot be genuinely assured, we may often settle for false assurance, the opinion ofContinue reading “The Corona Diaries Episode III: False Assurances”

The Corona Diaries Episode II: The Promise Of Tomorrow, The Curse Of Eternity

The famous lines in the musical Annie come as Annie dreams of the promise that better days are ahead.  “Tomorrow, Tomorrow! I love you tomorrow You’re always a day Away”  Hope of a better tomorrow, an improved future is the why that drives and overrides the what for many people. Most of our routine actions,Continue reading “The Corona Diaries Episode II: The Promise Of Tomorrow, The Curse Of Eternity”

The Corona Diaries I: Essential

When times are good, it is often difficult to remember what is essential and what is a luxury. Periods in which things are more difficult, either by choice or by unfortunate circumstance are revealing, humbling, and grounding.  Time is one of the commodities we feel that we are constantly on the brink of running out.Continue reading “The Corona Diaries I: Essential”