On outcomes

You cannot always guarantee a positive result but you can certainly guarantee a negative outcome. As the saying goes, “nothing is certain but death and taxes” You can make certain outcomes- good health, responsible children, financial security, successful marriage- likely, but no one can guarantee any of these, even with vast amounts of effort. AsContinue reading “On outcomes”

The good and the bad

We have a wealth (also known as a glut) of information around us and in the news. There will always be something terrible happening that we can read about. Horrible people do horrible things. Nature does horrible things. Horrible things randomly happen. In generally things are improving despite what the news cycle tells us. People’sContinue reading “The good and the bad”

Jack of all trades, Master of none

It is surprising to me how often I hear this used as a compliment still. Although it is intended as a compliment, it is most assuredly a criticism not an aspiration. At most we should hone a handful of crafts, a handful of things, because the opportunity cost of trying to learn a little bitContinue reading “Jack of all trades, Master of none”