On Honesty and Lying

Honestly, and the antithesis, lying, are simple in concept, but can become inordinately complicated to consider practically. When children are young, it is simple and sensible to imbue them with what they take as the hard and fast principle that one should never lie. The humorous, classic example is when a child eats a candy,Continue reading “On Honesty and Lying”

If I did not have ________.

Over pad thai with a friend, a question arouse: how would you be different, how would your life be different, if you did not have your faith?  This question provides perspective not only on faith, but on many aspects of life including friends, careers, hobbies, and dreams. Often aspects of our life that “feel” important orContinue reading “If I did not have ________.”


Resilience  Success is not about short bursts of hard work. Success is achieved through a willingness to grind each and every day. Greatness is not punctuated moments of brilliance; greatness is doing your best with determination and consistency. Be resilient.  Success is not about the hits you take. Success is about how your respond to those hits,Continue reading “Resilience”

Beliefs and blinking

As human beings we are constantly searching for answers. This curiosity, this drive for truth, can be a double edged sword. Curiosity compels us to lifelong learning, contemplation, and experimentation. It drives us to discover new findings, invent new technology, and create beautiful art. However the drive to know can also attract us to peopleContinue reading “Beliefs and blinking”